Our Mission

Life experience happens in narrative. We share stories with the people we love—stories about our past, stories about events we want to relive, stories about our hopes and dreams. We do it to inspire them, to teach them, and to draw them close to us. Stories bring us together.

DaysFly is telling stories to bring people together, through the same medium we use ourselves—the spoken word. We are building experiences using words, made possible by Amazon's new speech recognition and natural voice technologies. One simple device brings narrative into your home or office. We believe these devices will change the world.

Narrative surpasses the visual by tapping into the imagination. The listener supplies the vision behind the words. Natural language means there is room for the mind to run parallel to the story. You can think critically while you are speaking and listening. You learn from the puzzles you are solving, instead of just reacting to them. That's the best part about natural voice technology—you can multitask.

We are actively engaged in producing natural voice applications that tell stories—stories that are fun, educational, and inspirational. Games which talk back to you, joke around with you, and make you think. We paint worlds using words, so that young people can learn how to react to situations, respond to questions, and develop their own voice. In the realm of education we are looking to tell stories which engage young people and allow them to express themselves. We want to build worlds for them to explore through listening and speaking, to help them make good decisions as they become part of the story they are hearing. Natural language applications don't require a whole new set of skills; they are accessible to young and old.

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