The Recycle Game is a way to compete for the title Champion of the Environment within your household, extended family, neighborhood, friends, classroom, or school. When you start, just tell Alexa to add players to the game (by first name). E.g., "Alexa, tell The Recycle Game to add John to the game." Once you are in the game, tell Alexa you want to play, and she will ask you what you are recycling. You can describe the object and how many you are putting into the recycle bin. "I am recycling four soda cans." If you make a mistake, you can say, "Take it back out!" and Alexa will remove it from your score. Alexa will stop you if you try to recycle something that you shouldn't recycle from home (e.g., batteries).

You can ask how a player is doing for any interval. "How did John do last week?" Alexa will tell you what they recycled and the total number of points they earned. You can also ask who was the winner for any given interval. "Alexa, ask The Recycle Game who the winner was last month." The various players will be ranked by the number of points they earned. Use The Recycle Game to challenge your kids to make smart decisions about recycling.

By creating and linking your account at, you will be able to see your progress on the My Account page. (As long as you have at least one player in the game linked to your account, you will see a tab appear for The Recycle Game.) If you link your account within the game by saying, Link My Account, you can play the game across all your Alexa devices. You can then log in and run reports on your recycling, and you can upload a photo to use as an avatar within the game (if you have an Alexa device with a screen).

Each account has a unique code that can be used to create a group (such as extended family or a classroom). If you share that code with other players, they can enter it on the My Account page and link any player in their household to the group you created. The person who supplies the code is the group administrator. The administrator can see all associated players in their reporting. It's a way to compete with all the students in your classroom, school, or extended family!

The Recycle Game is an educational game built for all ages. It can be accessed by any device that uses Amazon's Alexa voice service. This includes the Amazon Echo, Tap, Dot, Look, and a host of new devices. You install the game by saying, "Alexa, enable The Recycle Game." Then you can tell Alexa to play The Recycle Game.

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