Push your escape room to the top of Alexa's listings

With over 10 million devices sold, Alexa allows you to promote your escape room to a growing number of people with an interest in interactive puzzles.

Escape Room is DaysFly's new voice-activated, interactive game. It's free to anyone with an Alexa-enabled device. Within the game, Alexa offers people the chance to search for a real-life escape room, using their zip code. Listings within the search results are currently free, but with a paid subscription you can make sure that your listing will be delivered first.

Try it yourself. Launch the game, then tell Alexa to search for a real life escape room. Tell Alexa your zip code. You will be presented with a list of escape rooms, ranked in proximity to your zip code. The closest will be presented first, then you can ask Alexa to offer the next closest, and so on.

With a paid subscription, your listing will be delivered ahead of any non-paid listings. That means, even if they live right next to an escape room that isn't a subscriber and your location is 40 miles away, you will come up first. With a single paid subscription, you can promote all your locations.

Not only that, you can control what Alexa says about each location. You can add a 240-character marketing line to your listing, which Alexa will read immediately after your location name. You can (for example) mention the theme of your escape rooms, or a seasonal promotion. Only paid subscribers can add and edit this description.

If your listing comes up first, the customer will then hear a special greeting from you every time they access the top menu. Alexa will say, "Welcome to Escape Room, brought to you by..." and you can add a short line that Alexa will read. This will continue for as long as you continue to be the leader in their search results.

We are locking in this offer for a minimum of 6 months for those who sign up in August, with terms guaranteed, while the game is bring rolled out to millions of Alexa owners. We are going to periodically add new escape rooms to the app, to keep people engaged.

Want to provide something for your customers to do while they wait in your lobby? Set up an Alexa device and let them play Escape Room, sponsored by you! Take our list of commands and print custom help-cards on your own stock. Tell them to regularly search your listing on Alexa for promotions.

If your escape room is not already in our database, contact us and we will add you at no charge. All basic listings are currently free.


  • You can add any number of locations to your subscription, as long as they are owned by the same legal entity.
  • If two or more paid subscribers are within the customer's 50 mile search radius, the listing closest to them will be delivered first.
  • The terms and prices expressed here are locked in for 6 months for those who sign up before the end of August 2017, while we initially promote the game. Prices may change in September 2017 for new subscribers. Days Fly LLC reserves the right to change the terms after six months, upon notification to subscribers.
  • Your subscription will have the first month billed at checkout, then your credit card will be billed monthly thereafter.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting us through our contact page. Monthly subscriptions are not refundable.

Use our contact page if you have any questions.

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