Escape Room is an interactive role-playing adventure. You get to choose one of two different escape rooms. The goal is to solve the puzzles and find your way out, using only your words and your wits. You will be interacting with characters that you meet, picking up items, reading clues, searching for secrets, and avoiding deadly traps as you try to escape. Unlike a real-life escape room, you aren't on a timer. And magic sometimes works, depending on the kind of world you enter. Each escape room is its own mini-world. Each contains a unique way to get hints, if you get stuck.

Merlin's Cave: This escape room finds you trapped within the wizard's quarters, surrounded by magical items and potions as you try to find the wizard himself. It turns out he's been missing for centuries, but you must locate him and get his help to escape. Difficulty: Medium.

The Tomb of the Lost Pharaoh: You're that famous raider of tombs, you know who. Yes, that one. This time, you got yourself trapped in an ancient Egyptian tomb, hidden for centuries by some unknown power. With the entrance blocked by fallen rubble, you have to locate and save your partner, Owen, who is the only one who knows the other way out. Just be aware that your presence is known and felt by some ancient evil, and escaping its clutches won't be easy. Difficulty: Medium.

Put on your thinking cap and let the adventure begin.

What is It?

Escape Room is an interactive role-playing game accessible by any device that uses Amazon's Alexa voice service. You install the game using your Alexa app or by visiting the link below. (Don't enable it using your voice; there is a very bad skill that has almost the identically-sounding name, and you might enable it by accident.) Once you've enabled it, tell Alexa to play Escape Room. Real-life escape rooms are limited by the laws of the real world, but not the worlds we create. Escape these realms of mystery and magic using only your words and your wits, with Alexa as your guide. Solve puzzles and track down clues in one of two interactive adventures.

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Download a PDF of things you can say in Escape Room

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