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General Questions

Just tell Alexa to enable Shadow Realm. Then, tell her to play Shadow Realm.
If you have an account on DaysFly, all you have to do is launch Shadow Realm and say, Days Fly. (Or just say, Alexa, tell Shadow Realm to link my account.) You will get a special card within your Alexa app that has a link in it. Click that, and log in with your DaysFly login. That's all you need to do.
No, it's completely free. We have many new games and products that will launch in the next few months. By signing up, you will be the first to know about them. If you like Shadow Realm, you'll love the new ideas we have brewing.
Yes. If your game is interrupted at any time (by a loss of internet or dinner time) you can pick up exactly where you left off. If you pay for an upgrade to the game, you can create 4 additional saved games for each character.
Shadow Realm is a fantasy role playing game. You are an adventurer from our time who stumbles into a magical realm. You will be solving puzzles, answering riddles, fighting monsters, and exploring dark caverns on your way to completing a great quest. It's a classic role playing game in the style of the original Bard's Tale (if you know the history of early RPGs or have just been playing them for a long time), but it's entirely managed through the spoken word. You simply say what you want to do, and you do it. Pick up magical items, talk to dragons, cast spells, search for hidden passages. Alexa is your muse to guide you through a world of magic, adventure, and wonder.
This game is for the whole family. Some parts might be a little scary, or even very scary, but not more so than the radio shows your grandparents used to listen to every night before bed. The puzzles are difficult, and it can be a little frustrating to find a way past some dangerous foes. It's not intended to be easy. Children under the age of 12 will need assistance.
It's intended to be a challenge. Challenges are fun, and occupy your time. We've just implemented a hint system on the My Account page. While viewing a character, you can click a button to get a hint that is tailored to your character's progress in the game.
Learning to persevere and solve problems is a great skill for life—encourage your kids to stick with the game when they hit a roadblock. Visual interfaces lead to short attention spans, but a natural language interface promotes engagement. To succeed at the game will require some careful exploration, attention to detail, creativity, and logic. Unless you have superior spatial awareness you will want to play the game with a pencil and paper, so that you can draw maps as you go. Mapping and spatial awareness are great skills for your kids to practice. They will also learn vocabulary and develop their ability to articulate their ideas.

Any account which is linked to our web site can have two characters. To switch between them in the game at any time, you say, "I want to play ________________". You just supply the name of your character, or you can use the number of the character in your list.

Accounts which have upgraded to the paid version can have up to four characters.

There are often a great many things you can do at any point in the game, and part of the fun is figuring out what those are without being given a definitive list. If we were to give you a list, it would also slow game play down. You can always ask, "What can I do?" if you're having trouble remembering your verbal options.
Not yet. Amazon is going to provide the ability for Alexa to support "push notifications," which means Alexa can initiate actions without your involvement. This is necessary for a multiplayer game; it gives you time to respond to what your friends are doing, then automatically moves ahead if you don't react in time, but still keeps you notified on the group's progress. With any luck, multiplayer capability will be supported in the sequel adventure.
Yes! As of January 10, 2017, the game is available in the UK. There are some small differences in commands, but the game as a whole is the same.

Shadow Realm - Paid Version

The free version of Shadow Realm includes roughly the first third of the adventure. If you link your Alexa to your DaysFly account, which is entirely free, you can see your character's progress, and you can also create a second character. (You switch between characters within the game using a command.)

The paid version of Shadow Realm includes the entire adventure. It has everything that the free version of Shadow Realm has, and you can play it to the conclusion. This will allow you to continue with the very same character in the sequel adventure which will be released Q1 2017. (Continuing with the same character will mean you can keep all the spells you've learned and some of the magical items.) The paid version allows you to have up to 4 characters, and each can have multiple saved games that you can return to if you die or get stuck. We're also implementing a hint system that is available in the paid version.

We're charging $3 for the upgrade. We want to keep the cost low but raise enough working capital to continue our development on the sequel.
Saved games are available in the paid version of the game. In the My Account section of our site is a page to manage your characters. Each character can have up to 4 saved games. You can take your progress at any time and save it to one of the four slots. You can then restore any of these saved games at any time. When you restore a saved game, it overwrites your current progress. (You could save your current progress in another slot before you restore a saved game, of course.) All of this happens on the web site, not within the game itself.

The paid version of the game includes a hint system. In the game, just say, "I need a hint!" Or, on the My Account page, while viewing a character, you will see a button "Give me a hint." Your character's position in the game is analyzed, and a hint is offered that matches your current progress in the game. The hint system does not give away solutions to riddles, and it does not offer suggestions for every challenge in the game. It's intended to provide help for situations like (for example) a puzzle that requires an item that you have missed. In some cases it will send you in a general direction and provide a warning about things to look out for that are particularly difficult. If it doesn't look like you're stuck, you may not receive a hint. If you have the paid version of the game and really are stuck, and the hint isn't helping you (or there is no hint), you can use the feedback form to get in touch with us.

It is after you depart the highlands. The next section of the game is only accessible in the paid version.
Shadow Realm (paid version) uses the same content as the free version. Everything will work identically, except that you have access to the entire game, as well as enhanced features.
It's in the works and should be ready to release by early 2017.

The DaysFly site is mobile-optimized. You can open the site on your phone and login, and then control your saved games using your phone, all the while you are playing the game.

Help! Questions about Gameplay

What You Can Do Say... Example
Ask a creature to do something Ask ____________ to ____________. "Ask the dragon to follow." You can also use the word "tell."
Ask what your current name is What's my name? "What's my name?"
Change your name My name is ____________ "My name is Gandalf the Gray."
Drink a liquid Drink _________________ "Drink the potion."
Drop an item you are carrying Drop _________________. "Drop the sword."
Find out how much you're hurt Am I hurt? "Am I hurt?" You can also say, "How do I feel?" "What is my health?"
Get a detailed description of the room you are in Look around You can also say "I am lost," "Where am I," "Describe this room."
Get a hint I need a hint! You must have upgraded your game to get a hint. See Hints in the FAQ for more information.
Get a list of the exits to a room What are the exits? "What are the exits?"
Get a list of the spells you have learned What spells do I know? "What spells do I know?"
Get a list of the things you're carrying What am I carrying? "What am I carrying?" You could also say, "List my items," or "What do I have?"
Get a list of things you can do What can I do? "What can I do?"
Inspect things Look at _______________ "Look at the north door." You can get a detailed description of the room you are in by saying "Look around."
Link Alexa to a DaysFly account (you must create an account before you do this) Link my account. "Link my account." You can also say, "Days Fly."
Move to a new location Go ______________ "Go north," south, up, through the door, to the passage, through the hole, to the north door, etc. You can also say "Move." If the exit is a stairway or a ladder, you can use the word "climb" instead of "go."
Open something which is closed Open ___________________. "Open the chest." You can also say, "Open the door with the key."
Pause the game briefly while you're thinking. Give me a second. "Give me a second." You can also say, "Give me a moment," "Hold on a second," "Hang on a moment." Buys you 10 seconds of silence.
Pick something up Pick up _______________. "Pick up the sword." You can also say "get" (though less likely Alexa will get confused if you say pick up).
Play a different character (assuming you have more than one character) I want to play ____________. "I want to play Merlin." Or you can tell it the number of the character in your list, "I want to play two." (In the UK version, you can only say the number of the character.)
Quit the game Quit game. You can also say, "Game over," or "I'm done playing," or "Stop."
Read something Read _________. "Read the note."
Run away from combat Run away "Run away!"
Say something Say ______________ "Say abracadabra." This is normally used to say something generally and might require you to mention a specific creature if you want to have a conversation. E.g., "Say hello to the dragon." If the thing you are saying is magical, you can also use the word "Cast."
Search for something that is hidden Search _________. "Search the room." "Search the pile of leaves."
Shoot something (requires an item that can be shot) Shoot ____________ at ____________. "Shoot an arrow at the dragon."
Talk to a creature Talk to _____________ "Talk to the dragon." This is essentially the same thing as saying hello to them.
Use an item Use __________________ "Use the sword." If the item is used on something to achieve a result, you can include an indirect object. For example, "Use the key on the north door."

We've just added a hint system for upgraded accounts. In the game, just say, "I need a hint!" Or in My Account, on the website, when you are viewing a character, you will see a new button, "Give me a hint." This will analyze your current position in the game and determine what you're missing in order to move ahead.

Things you can try if you're stuck and can't advance in the game.

  1. Draw a map to make sure you haven't missed a room.
  2. Pick up things. Not everything you can pick up is mentioned in a list; sometimes things you can interact with are mentioned in the room description.
  3. Look at things carefully. You can examine items and rooms for clues. You can potentially look at any feature of a room, like the exits.  The second time you're in a room you will only get a short description, so you may need to say, "Look around."
  4. Some items can be used on other items. You can use a key on a specific door, for example. You can use an item on another item to make a new item. For example, you might be able to use feathers on a wooden stick to make an arrow. Think in terms of combinations of items.
  5. Search to find hidden items or exits. There will usually be some clue that you need to search (or a room might be described in a way which leaves you wondering if you're seeing everything).
  6. Talk to non-hostile people and creatures. They might talk back and tell you something. You can ask creatures to do things. Some creatures will follow you, if you ask them.
  7. Run away from fights you are not ready to win. Though as a warning, it is exponentially harder to run away from fights where there are multiple opponents. If you don't get away, you've given up a chance to attack.

Some monsters are hostile, and when you enter a room they will automatically attack you. Others only attack if you attack them first. If there is more than one enemy creature in a room, by attacking one you will cause them all to attack.

Combat happens in rounds. In each round, you and your opponents take turns attacking. Unless you are attacked first, you will attack at the beginning of each round. If you have other creatures on your side, fighting beside you, they will attack one or more of your opponents. Then your opponents get a chance to attack back, targeting you or the creatures who are fighting with you (if any).

When it's your turn you are normally using an item (e.g., "Use the sword"), saying something magical (e.g., "Say abracadabra!"), or trying to run away ("Run away"). If you are fighting more than one opponent, you can specifically target the one you wish to attack. "Use the sword on the wizard."

If you run away, you might not escape, in which case you will lose your chance to attack. It's very hard to run away if you're fighting multiple opponents. If you are successful, you will find yourself in an adjoining room that you have already visited. The creature you were fighting will probably be right where you left him.

Yes, you will slowly regain health by staying active in the game. Every couple of minutes your health will recover a little bit, assuming you are playing. (You do not heal when you are not playing.) There are magical ways to heal more quickly, of course.
Yes, you can die in the game. Things gently fade to black. But you magically wake up in one of the rest spots you visited earlier, in the same condition as the last time you were there.
Everything you hear in the game is reproduced in your Alexa app. Even the parts that are read by actors. So if you miss something (like a clue or riddle) you can find it there, spelled out. It's unfortunately not yet possible to control emphasis and inflection in Alexa's voice, and she sometimes says things in a way which is not natural. We expect Amazon to make great strides to advance this technology in the year ahead. When capability comes to control how Alexa says things, we will be incorporating that into the game's audio.


We will refund a charge and cancel an upgraded game account within 48 hours of the time you placed it, at your request. If you accidentally place a charge on an account that was already upgraded, we will refund that at any time you bring it to our attention.
When you log in to the My Account page, there is a tab which shows any charges you have made for a DaysFly game. Click it and a pop-up, printable invoice will appear.

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