Daysfly can help your agency or organization achieve ADA compliance. As the sight-impaired community increasingly embraces the use of devices like the Amazon Echo, you can offer them the same content that exists on your website through an Alexa skill.

We offer a dynamic, easy-to-maintain repository of your web content that can be browsed and searched using natural language queries.

Alexa, ask [Name of your agency] about business permits.

Alexa, ask [Name of your agency] for information about parks near me.

Send me more information in an email.

Text a map link to my phone.

Daysfly provides custom websites and web interfaces that your staff can use to maintain the content Alexa delivers. We can also offer an integrated product—a mobile-optimized, responsive website that shares content with the Alexa application so that you don't need to maintain dual sets of data.

We Can Help You Support the Visually Impaired

  • Our senior developer has built web portals for such agencies as the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, San Bernardino County (California), the Port of San Diego, and Caltrans.
  • We provide everything needed to launch your organization's Alexa skill. We have developed Alexa skills that handle sophisticated voice-interaction, artificial intelligence, and database queries. We leverage this expertise to deliver your content through Alexa-enabled devices.
  • We streamline the certification process with Amazon to get your Alexa skill approved and launched in record time.
  • We offer turnkey cloud hosting and maintenance for your application.

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